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Think of us as the Spotify for Service Providers

Our Mission

1000Zebras' mission is to help ecosystems of businesses fluently transact with each other. How, where, and when we do that will be changing, which is why the word "fluent" is so important to us. We must be constantly adapting to the changing world around us, and that's why we're bringing our ecosystem-as-a-service technology to you!

We want you to be creative with how you use the platform, but we envision a future where you would interact with service provider marketplaces like playlists on Spotify.


Look at others' marketplaces and see who they are working with (listening to), then add providers on their marketplace to yours with the click of a button. That's fluency of ecosystems as we look to embody it. 

Our Purpose

Our purpose in life is to help great organizations empower the businesses they serve. How we do that is constantly evolving and why we show up to work everyday.

From a founder's perspective, you have to do so much in your business that any valued shortcuts are welcome. Reducing the amount of time it takes to find, interview, source, onboard, and project manage third party service providers is a huge reason why we have built our infrastructure. If we can setup the right expectations from the very beginning through packages, recommendation engines, and more features we have built, we believe businesses can confidently built a hybrid workforce of internal employees and trusted third party service providers. 

Not only is this more economical, but it allows you to really focus on the roles/people you want as full-time employees. 

Our Story

1000Zebras was a business concept that had been building in Kevin Mackey, Founder and CEO's, mind for almost a decade as he was building other businesses. Mackey kept seeing a gap in the market where Upwork and Fiverr were failing: higher-end contractors and service providers did not go to those sites and growing businesses preferred to work with higher-end companies but didn't know where to find them. 

Furthermore, Mackey noticed most organizations and professionals already have a thriving ecosystem around them, it's just invisible! So, we aim to turn invisible networks into thriving business ecosystems that you can use for customer value or even monetize with sponsors. 

1000Zebras Inc. formally started in February 2023 and we launched our national marketplace in September 2023. We opened our custom solution in December 2023 and are actively selling it to organizations and enterprises in 2024!


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