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Entrepreneur Ecosystem Builders

These are incubators, accelerators, chambers of commerce, VC and PE firms, and other entities dedicated to helping small businesses and startups grow and scale. You're naturally in a position of trust, often helping companies in a moment of need find a provider who can help. What if you could blow that out to the next level? Here's what that looks like.  

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Do you make a lot of connections for your portfolio of businesses?

Rather than making a bunch of one off connections that you don't know whether they go anywhere, systematize the approach with your own custom marketplace. 


Do your businesses have any idea who is in your network?

You want to add value for your portfolio of businesses but sometimes they don't know what to ask for. Give them a marketplace to look through your providers and their packages on their own time, then act when the need is there.

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Build a Custom Marketplace!

Use the 1000Zebras infrastructure to build your own custom marketplace. Bring in your providers and sponsors, then add your businesses. Encourage your providers to build packages that are relevant to your audience. Be creative!


Monetize Your Marketplace

Not all organizations want to monetize their marketplace - simply adding value for your business clients is enough. But for those who want to, 1000Zebras makes it easy to allow for sponsorship which includes logo placements and prioritized placement in search results. 

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