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Agencies and Brokerages

This group consists of insurance agents/brokers, real estate agents/brokers, and asset managers and their firms. We have seen how these types of firms can provide significant value for clients by providing a self-serve marketplace for all of the functions they'll need in and around the agent's direct service. 

Example: Real Estate agents know arborists, landscapers, plumbers, electricians, insurance agents, inspectors, painters, junk removers, handymen, and more! How convenient if there's a marketplace with all of those providers on the agent's website. It would drive business back to their site even after the sale has been completed. 

Insurance Agent


Our system can serve brokers nationally and agents geographically.

Whether you have a national customer base as a broker or a more regional customer base as an agent, our platform easily serves you both. 


For Agents

Get started easily and right away with your own custom marketplace. Sign up and start populating your marketplace with the trusted providers in your network. You'll have your own administrator portal where your custom landing page links will be located. You'll be setup within a day!

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For Brokers

Setup your own national network and have regional marketplace under it. This allows you to tell sponsors and other national partners they will show up in all of their regional marketplaces. Then, you allow your agents to populate their own contacts alongside the broker's national contacts. 


Monetize Your Marketplace

Not all organizations want to monetize their marketplace - simply adding value for your business clients is enough. But for those who want to, 1000Zebras makes it easy to allow for sponsorship which includes logo placements and prioritized placement in search results. 

Online Shopping
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