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Trade Associations

Trade associations often have many verticals and niche markets that can become quite expansive. Because these organizations often have a business orientation, they are a natural customer for a customizable solution. Let us help create a custom marketplace designed specifically for your trade association's needs and use. Contact us today to get started!



You cover a lot of ground!

Your association probably covers a lot of ground, right? You have people and businesses from all over and it's your job to convene them and add value to their already busy lives. Use your own custom marketplace as a way to do that!


Make it simple for people to find each other around business needs.

Networking is nice but sometimes we just want to cut to the chase. What do you do, how can you help me, and what have others said about you. All functions and features of having a thriving marketplace for your organization. 

Image by Markus Winkler
Business Meeting


Add Modules like Alumni, Mentoring, and RFP.

The 1000Zebras marketplace infrastructure allows for you to select modules that enhance your marketplace's functionality. Some organizations like to add features for alumni, to allow mentoring, or to enable formal RFP processes. Set it up however you want!


Monetize Your Marketplace

Not all organizations want to monetize their marketplace - simply adding value for your business clients is enough. But for those who want to, 1000Zebras makes it easy to allow for sponsorship which includes logo placements and prioritized placement in search results. 

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